Gabapentin for life?

I had weaned myself from gabapentin around the time I started pelvic floor PT but over time I felt that the constant stabs, itch, burn and other little pains continued (especially at bedtime) so in discussion with my primary care doc started up 300 mg of gabapentin in the evening. It seems to be helping with those symptoms. Is anyone else on long term gabapentin?  

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Hi Dana. I'm on Gabapentin since 2018. My neuropathy is still there, so I have to take it tree times a day.
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These symptoms have kept me up all night, but it's gotten a little bit better lately, since I switched to a hypoallergenic soap. I also soak my legs in warm water and wear sox at night. I find when these symptoms start, the whole body will start to increase in pain, even the old chemo port site, joints and all.
I’m sure there is a connection that I used to get hot feet my whole life, but a year after treatment I started having neuropathy, cold feet and all these symptoms.
My sister has used gabapentin for 20-30 years. I've not tried it yet.
Are you having side effects?
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No side effects that I know of but I’ll be watching to see.
My port site hurts all the time. Has since I got it in five and a half years ago. I had it taken out five months after treatment ended it hurt so bad. But it still hurts all the time. You’re the first person that has mentioned it. I thought maybe it was just me.
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I had the pain on both sides, because the doc started on the left side, failed, and ended putting on the right. He didn't know what he was doing. I asked him before he started if he knew how to do them; he joked "I looked it up on the internet"----not funny! especially since it turned out he had to get another doc in to finish.
It was basically on fire the whole treatment. I too, got it out asap. It's a deep hole, but it's getting less over time, (left side is barely evident) I worked for this department and felt very dehumanized through the whole rest of my time there.
I've just been told about a external pain relief (over the counter) Lidocaine pain strips; you can cut them up (tiny for a spot like that) they last up to 12 hours, and nothing internal. It was excellent on a shoulder spasm. I think I will try them next time it bugs me.
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Thank you for the information.
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sorry to hear this, sometimes my port site feels like something is pulling from the inside, it is sporadic and annoying, it has been 5 months since mine was removed, the doctor said it is scar tissue build up.
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It's wierd how it's "build up" yet it's an empty ditch. ?? I've been told that too, and to massage it to get it to break up.
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